TAY is about bringing simplicity to skincare. After researching thousands of
botanical ingredients across the globe, our mission is to create some of the
highest grade of antioxidant skincare for smooth and healthy skin. Our formulas
are artisanally hand-crafted and made in small batches to ensure purity.

As having been an insider to the beauty industry for several years, the founder,
Sarah Tay, wanted to bring a premium natural and organic collection that would
source rare and effective ingredients. In addition to the particular attention
lavished on these quality formulas, it was her vision to forge a bridge between
beauty and art with award-winning designs.

Procurement of beneficial ingredients such as green tea polyphenols, avocado
oils, organic calendula extracts, to name a few, we went into myriads of formula
trials and research resulting into the condensed line of only essential skincare
steps. These blends are consciously developed with as many fair-trade sources
as possible and are vegan by nature. We adhere to strict cruelty-free policies.

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